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Welcome to Asami Family Home Page 2021/2022 edition.

This page is updated roughly once a year around Christmas season to share our family's well being and activities with you.

2021 was another "closed" year, peaceful, but not desirable. Thankfully none of our family member was infected with COVID-19, and we are fully innoculated.

Tak has been working from home all year (actually 21 months by now). Akiko has been working for the last several months as a retail clerk at Costa Mesa. Boys are living separately at Buena Park; both are working away from home, so we've been lucky to not infected.

We didn't have much travel, not even our annual pilgrimage to Japan. So not much photo album to share this year, still there are some.
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Family Gathering

Tennis at Indian Wells is Back

Academy Museum

Orange Trees at Buena Park

Family Party

Overview of the Year

All year this year, the world was closed for us.

No travel domestic or overseas, no shopping, not even eating out for a good part of the year. As several of our favorite eateries were closed, we were worried if they will come back.

Tak has been working from home all year, as the office building was closed. Aklko has been working at a retail shop at Mitsuwa Market place, but managed to avoid infection.
We are both vaccinated, three times. Our boys are also vaccinated (twice). They've been working at their respective work places, so it was necessary.

Since this past September, things are slowly getting back to normal, and we are enjoying eating out now and then. Still no travel to Japan.

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Memorial ceremony for Asami family

Shin Sushi is back!

Family game scene

Meeting "Virtual" Rafa and Naomi

Japan Trip (or NOT):

This year was 3rd anniverssary of my Dad's and Akiko's Dad's passing and were supposed to be attending the memorial ceremony. But no.
The Japanese border was closed and we could not get there.
So the ceremonies were held without our presence. Sorry, Dad.


The "fifth largest tennis tournament in the world" is held every March at Indian Wells, but the event was not held again this year. But this year, they promised the event was "postponed", and not canceled like last year. They came true with that promise and the tournament was held in October.
The big three (Roger, Rafa and Novac) did not come, but most of the remaining top 10 showed up and we were just happy to see them back.
It's been a while we saw Kei Nishikori live. We were also rooting for Mackie McDonald and Marcos Giron, both are NCAA champions from UCLA. Andy Murray also showed up after such a long absence. The attendance is lower than "normal" years, so we could enjoy it at our own pace this time.
The tournament will be back again next March, which we are looking forward to attend (hopefully Omicron variance will not force another closure...)

Family Gatherings

Since we were not going anywhere, we had family gathering at every opportunity we got, for food, video and board games fun.
The boys are into board games these days, so they will bring several different ones when they come. Learning the rules are work, but fun.

Our favorite sushi bar (Shin Sushi in Mission Viejo) came back and we are very happy. We go there when we have our boys come. That's when we feel things are getting back to normal.

Academy Museum

Late this 2021, the new Academy Museum opened in Hollywood. For the opening, they are hosting Hayao Miyazaki exhibit. It's been a while since we went out for fun, so we did, finally in mid December.
Miyazaki exhibit was nice; we could spend all day just there. The rest of the museum was still new, and we felt the exhibits were a bit thin. But it was fun and satisfying outing. Please visit a few pictures I have taken there. (click on it).
Note: There's no Miyazaki picture; they didn't allow photography for it.

2022 is Year of Tiger

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Printed the Cat Bus model

Tak participates in Japanese group meeting

Tak's Things

3-d Printer:
There is a 3-d Printer in house! It is bought for prototyping ham radio project below, but why not have some funs as long as we have it.
One of the bigget thing I did was to build the Cat-Bus model for Akiko's birthday. It took 2-days to print, but came out nicely.

Ham Radio:
Most of Radio things were canceled this year, too. No contesting, no Field day. Not even Ham Fests.Some of the technical project continues, but all via tele conferencing. The project has been delayed badly due to various circumstances.

A good thing is, because of the pandemic across the Pacific, the technical group in Yokohama Japan, is hosting the meeting in Zoom. So suddenly I am able to attend the meeting on regular basis, not just when I am in Japan.

These are extremely knowledgeable and dedicated individuals with common interests. I'm lucky to be with them.
The time difference is such that they fall at late night for me, so I stay up till I get too sleepy.

Tne radio station W6SI has a new rig this year!


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